New Floor Heating Systems

Radiant or infrared heat is growing popularity mainly because floor heating systems have a growing reputation for making homes very comfortable and for the high level of heating efficiency, they provide.  The homeowner with an online or paper guide to connecting the under-floor mats and the connected thermostat can install many radiant heat systems. However, if you do not have the time or patience to get it done correctly yourself, hiring a professional is a good idea.

Radiant heat works so well because by heating through the floor, the warmth is concentrated where people need it. In forced air or other heating systems, most of the heat rises to the ceilings and leaves occupants of the home still feeling chilly. Many systems claim that they are more energy efficient because they require lower thermostat settings than traditional heating systems for the same comfortable level of warmth. The radiant heat systems do not require blowers to circulate heat throughout the home so they save on the electric bill from that as well.

An added benefit and possibly another energy saver for most floor heating systems is that each room can have its own thermostat. You may initially pay more for each thermostat, but being able to keep unused areas of the home cooler can have long term cost benefits.

The downfall to floor heating systems is that they can be expensive. Generally, a one hundred square foot area will cost about six to seven hundred dollars to cover not including extras like thermostats, wires, connectors and floor covering. If you are paying an installer, that will also add on to the overhead costs.

However, most reviews show that customers of radiant floor heating systems are very happy with the end results. There are some complaints about having a difficult time installing the floors, but most people are generally satisfied with the end result.  If you research the floor heating systems out there, you may even find one that makes you eligible for a tax credit.

Of course, if your home is particularly cold then there are other options for providing heat than underfloor heating which is expensive both to install and to operate. Just be assured that heating your home in the winter does not need to be prohibitively expensive.


Waterbed Sheets Are Not The Same As Others

When owning or thinking of purchasing a waterbed, it is important to know that waterbed sheets are not the same as other sheets for regular beds. Knowing these few differences and the features of these sheets is important in getting the best fit for the bed. Regular sheets will not work on waterbeds, and no one wants to sleep on a bed where the sheets do not fit. No matter the size of the bed, king waterbed sheets, queen or full can be found.

First off, waterbeds often are about ten inches longer than regular beds. Therefore, a regular sheet will be too short to fit on the average waterbed and will keep getting untucked and slide around on the bed, making for a restless night’s sleep. Purchasing sheets specific for waterbeds will insure this will not happen.

Another waterbed sheet feature is that often the top and bottom sheet are connected at the bottom. This helps again in keeping them on the bed where they are supposed to be. The bottom sheet is different than a regular bed’s fitted sheet as well. Instead of having the fitted part all along the sheet, they have flaps in the corners. This allows them to be tucked in securely under the waterbed mattress and stay in place.

Some sheets for waterbeds have a feature called pole sheets. These have a reputation for staying on extremely well. They are made with a casing in the corner flaps/pockets of the bottom sheet and a pole is slipped through that grabs onto the bed’s frame corner to hold the sheet in place.

A waterbed sheets finder search can be done online to find some good prices and a nice variety of styles. Some online stores will offer free shipping. Remember to buy sheets specific to a waterbed for the best fit which will in turn lead to the best night’s sleep.

Helpful Hedge Trimming Tips

If you are wondering how on earth to trim your hedges then read on to discover some very useful tips:

  • When cutting your hedge, always cut the vertical faces first before cutting the top.  Tall hedges should always be left slightly wider at the bottom than the top.  This process is called cutting to a batter and is usually seen in formal gardens.
  • Cutting a tall hedge can be achieved by two methods.  Either you need to climb a ladder or cutting platform and cut the top of your hedge with your normal hedge trimmer. Or, you can purchase a pole hedge trimmer (sometimes called a telescopic hedge trimmer) and cut the higher parts from the ground.  By choosing a pole hedge trimmer with an adjustable cutter bar, you will also be able to cut the top of the hedge using this method.  Pole hedge trimmers are available both as an electric (cordless) and as a petrol hedge trimmer.
  • If you choose to use a ladder, it is unwise to lean the ladder against a hedge as it could fall through the branches, with disastrous consequences if you are up there with a powerful hedge trimmer at the time.  It is very simple to prevent this, simply lash a plank of wood at right angles to your ladder right at the top, forming a T shape and this will enable the ladder to be safely leaned, without it falling through.
  • Make sure you always have a set of lopping shears or secateurs with you when you cut your hedge.  Even the most powerful petrol hedge trimmers are not meant to be used as chainsaws and you could seriously damage the blades, or yourself if you try to cut through material that is too thick.  Having your secateurs or lopping shears to hand will avoid any temptation to try to cut material that you should not try to cut with your hedge trimmers.
  • If you have ever stood back and admired your cut hedge and then gone to the same hedge a couple of days later and found all sorts of little straggly bits sticking out that you are sure you did not miss the first time, here is a neat trick to prevent that.  When you cut your hedge, give it several gentle taps with the back of a sprung rake.  This will cause any doubled-over or caught-under, little twigs to spring out and you can quickly trim them off and avoid the annoyance of them springing out later.

An RV Fridge is a Motorhome Necessity

If you spend much time in a motorhome, you know that having an RV fridge freezer installed can be a huge blessing. The ability to keep food cooled and beverages chilled can really enhance your enjoyment of your time on the road.

Without an RV refrigerator, everything you cook must be eaten almost right away. There is no capacity to cook one big meal and then have leftovers for two of three days. If you want a nice home cooked meal you will instead have to spend your time and energy cooking every evening.

RV Fridge for motorhome.jpgLess time spent cooking, less wastage of food- these are just two of the advantages RV refrigerators offer. Another great benefit is that you will never lack for a cold drink. People use to living with a refrigerator in their home may not realize just how much they take them for granted. Being able to take the conveniences of cool beverages and cubes of ice on the road is priceless.

When shopping for a recreational vehicle refrigerator, by far the best option is a quality three way fridge. These 3 way refrigerators give you the most utility, as you are able to power them off both electricity and propane.

When available mains power is essentially unlimited; and the average RV carries at least enough Propane to power a fridge freezer for two or three week. Clearly it is not difficult to keep a fridge running for an indefinite period of time.

This means you will have portable refrigeration wherever you may end up spending the night. Whether that is an expensive RV resort, or overnighting in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart spotted on the interstate.

A quality RV refrigerator can set you back a fair sum of cash, but it is worth the extra money to buy a quality 3 way fridge from a manufacture such as Dometic or Norcold. If your budget is limited, it is preferable to shop for good quality used RV refrigerators in order to save cash; rather than the alternative of buying a new fridge of lesser reliability.

Avoid cheap portable fridges intended for use in houses. These are not the best option for use in an RV, travel trailer or caravan. Dedicated 12v DC fridges, while they excel for use in vehicles, are also usually not the best choice for a motor home.

Compact Wine Refrigerator or Large, Still Not a Wine Cellar

You are not really much of a wine fanatic but there is no need to disconcert wine cellar from wine refrigerator. They are quite different. A wine refrigerator cools wines at proper temperatures while a wine cellar is a storage device. Still not quite clear? A wine refrigerator is for short term use only while a wine cellar is for long term use. It’s like the movies where you get to see underground basements holding up wine. That’s wine cellar for you.

Compact Wine Refrigerator.jpgYou can store your wine in a wine refrigerator for less than one year and not more than that. It’s not a device for aging wines. Even so, there are some wine fridges that have been utilized as replacements for wine cellars to cut down the costs. This is probably why people have problems differentiating wine cellars from wine refrigerators.

Take note that white wine is usually stored at chilled places while red wine is stored at room temperature. This is one important point aside from distinguishing wine cellars from wine fridges.

In noting down the humidity of wine refrigerators you cant go over the usual 40%. It’s a standard in wine fridges. This is why you will have to be careful in choosing from those manufacturers that claim they can go over 50%.

You can always choose among the capacities or a wine fridge. Choose the one that best suits your needs. Take note of specific needs you will need before buying one. Example, know what capacity your cooler will need, the number of bottles, the type of wine and such.

Check out certain features like double paned doors and leveling legs to decrease unsettling of your precious wine bottles.

Now, you are more acquainted with wine fridges. Whether you get a compact wine refrigerator or a big one, they are really different from wine cellars. Be sure you don’t mix them up with cellars!

Outdoor Solar Post Lights to Brighten Up Your Home

Most home owners want a home that looks inviting during the daytime and solemn and soft during the night. To achieve this look, people choose to install lamps or post lights to their fences or porch steps for an ambient feel or a rustic soft look at the back yard or at the front. But with the increasing prices of lamps and their need to have their bulbs replaced after a number of months as well as the increasing rate of electric use, a good way to get the same results is through the use of solar powered lights, or in this case solar post lights.

These lights come in different shapes and sizes that will suit your style and needs. Outdoor solar post lights can also be referred to as solar patio lighting, wherein through solar panels the energy used to light the lamp at night is taken from the sun’s rays at daytime. What is so good about it is that as long as the panels stay put and are not damaged, then the lamp can last for years without having to replace it or paying electric usage. It’s a great way to go green in your home as well as save up without having to compromise the design and feel of your house.

One thing you do have to consider while purchasing any lamp or lighting mechanism is that it has a few limitations to it. It may not be as bright as a regular lamp that uses a steady flow of electricity, but it will serve its aesthetic and functional purpose. Your dilemma is not in the type of lamp to buy but as to what material it is made of. They may come in plastics, stainless steel, aluminum, and even wood work.

A higher priced solar light is based on the material it is made of as well as the number of LED’s inside it to give a brighter glow. Also, they may be designed for a modern look or a classic lamp in a Victorian home.

Rustic Themed Bathroom Design Ideas

Popular in all regions of the country, many homeowners desire to transform their bathrooms into rustic retreats. Whether inspired by cowboy themes, park lodges or camping adventures, all rustic-themed bathroom design ideas use the same basic color palettes: neutral browns, deep greens, rich cranberries, and matte blacks. While shoppers may need to purchase their themed décor items at specialty retailers, basic items such as bathroom rugs, towels, fixtures can be purchased at local mass merchandisers or home improvement stores.

While investing in rustic-themed items is a necessary component of the room’s design, since most rustic themes entail using elements of pine wood, black forged iron and deep brown metals, many of these basic-looking accessories can be purchased at home and hardware stores. This allows shoppers to subtly add elements, of their bathroom’s chosen design themes, one by one; until they are completely satisfied. One of the pitfalls, of designing a bathroom using darker colors, is its tendency to be more susceptible to fading. When cleaning your bathroom, be sure to keep all bleach and bleach-infused cleaners contained and avoid any splashing; as these can ruin deep brown, black and cranberry rugs.

To incorporate lodge, cowboy or camping bathroom design ideas into the room, be sure to select related art pieces and accessories. While it may be hard to locate a shower curtain with a tent on it, shoppers can easily find canoe, trout, picnic basket, lake or other camping-related themed items. If only able to find smaller accessory pieces and artwork; those will work fine. In fact, when combined with solid-color bathroom items in the same shade, no one will know you could not find towels with cowboy hats on them or rugs in the shape of a large moose. As long as the bathroom’s theme is satisfactory to your own tastes, nothing else matters.

Because there are so many rustic bathroom items on the market; prices can vary. When purchasing easily-breakable items such as shower curtain hooks, soap dishes and artwork, make sure an item is bought based on quality rather than cost. An inexpensive set of fish-themed shower curtain hooks may look fine in the package, but once out of the box and combined with the bathroom’s steam; glue can easily separate. Shop smart and you will have a well-designed bathroom that provides many hours of rustic-themed enjoyment.