Waterbed Sheets Are Not The Same As Others

When owning or thinking of purchasing a waterbed, it is important to know that waterbed sheets are not the same as other sheets for regular beds. Knowing these few differences and the features of these sheets is important in getting the best fit for the bed. Regular sheets will not work on waterbeds, and no one wants to sleep on a bed where the sheets do not fit. No matter the size of the bed, king waterbed sheets, queen or full can be found.

First off, waterbeds often are about ten inches longer than regular beds. Therefore, a regular sheet will be too short to fit on the average waterbed and will keep getting untucked and slide around on the bed, making for a restless night’s sleep. Purchasing sheets specific for waterbeds will insure this will not happen.

Another waterbed sheet feature is that often the top and bottom sheet are connected at the bottom. This helps again in keeping them on the bed where they are supposed to be. The bottom sheet is different than a regular bed’s fitted sheet as well. Instead of having the fitted part all along the sheet, they have flaps in the corners. This allows them to be tucked in securely under the waterbed mattress and stay in place.

Some sheets for waterbeds have a feature called pole sheets. These have a reputation for staying on extremely well. They are made with a casing in the corner flaps/pockets of the bottom sheet and a pole is slipped through that grabs onto the bed’s frame corner to hold the sheet in place.

A waterbed sheets finder search can be done online to find some good prices and a nice variety of styles. Some online stores will offer free shipping. Remember to buy sheets specific to a waterbed for the best fit which will in turn lead to the best night’s sleep.


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