New Floor Heating Systems

Radiant or infrared heat is growing popularity mainly because floor heating systems have a growing reputation for making homes very comfortable and for the high level of heating efficiency, they provide.  The homeowner with an online or paper guide to connecting the under-floor mats and the connected thermostat can install many radiant heat systems. However, if you do not have the time or patience to get it done correctly yourself, hiring a professional is a good idea.

Radiant heat works so well because by heating through the floor, the warmth is concentrated where people need it. In forced air or other heating systems, most of the heat rises to the ceilings and leaves occupants of the home still feeling chilly. Many systems claim that they are more energy efficient because they require lower thermostat settings than traditional heating systems for the same comfortable level of warmth. The radiant heat systems do not require blowers to circulate heat throughout the home so they save on the electric bill from that as well.

An added benefit and possibly another energy saver for most floor heating systems is that each room can have its own thermostat. You may initially pay more for each thermostat, but being able to keep unused areas of the home cooler can have long term cost benefits.

The downfall to floor heating systems is that they can be expensive. Generally, a one hundred square foot area will cost about six to seven hundred dollars to cover not including extras like thermostats, wires, connectors and floor covering. If you are paying an installer, that will also add on to the overhead costs.

However, most reviews show that customers of radiant floor heating systems are very happy with the end results. There are some complaints about having a difficult time installing the floors, but most people are generally satisfied with the end result.  If you research the floor heating systems out there, you may even find one that makes you eligible for a tax credit.

Of course, if your home is particularly cold then there are other options for providing heat than underfloor heating which is expensive both to install and to operate. Just be assured that heating your home in the winter does not need to be prohibitively expensive.


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