An RV Fridge is a Motorhome Necessity

If you spend much time in a motorhome, you know that having an RV fridge freezer installed can be a huge blessing. The ability to keep food cooled and beverages chilled can really enhance your enjoyment of your time on the road.

Without an RV refrigerator, everything you cook must be eaten almost right away. There is no capacity to cook one big meal and then have leftovers for two of three days. If you want a nice home cooked meal you will instead have to spend your time and energy cooking every evening.

RV Fridge for motorhome.jpgLess time spent cooking, less wastage of food- these are just two of the advantages RV refrigerators offer. Another great benefit is that you will never lack for a cold drink. People use to living with a refrigerator in their home may not realize just how much they take them for granted. Being able to take the conveniences of cool beverages and cubes of ice on the road is priceless.

When shopping for a recreational vehicle refrigerator, by far the best option is a quality three way fridge. These 3 way refrigerators give you the most utility, as you are able to power them off both electricity and propane.

When available mains power is essentially unlimited; and the average RV carries at least enough Propane to power a fridge freezer for two or three week. Clearly it is not difficult to keep a fridge running for an indefinite period of time.

This means you will have portable refrigeration wherever you may end up spending the night. Whether that is an expensive RV resort, or overnighting in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart spotted on the interstate.

A quality RV refrigerator can set you back a fair sum of cash, but it is worth the extra money to buy a quality 3 way fridge from a manufacture such as Dometic or Norcold. If your budget is limited, it is preferable to shop for good quality used RV refrigerators in order to save cash; rather than the alternative of buying a new fridge of lesser reliability.

Avoid cheap portable fridges intended for use in houses. These are not the best option for use in an RV, travel trailer or caravan. Dedicated 12v DC fridges, while they excel for use in vehicles, are also usually not the best choice for a motor home.


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