Rustic Themed Bathroom Design Ideas

Popular in all regions of the country, many homeowners desire to transform their bathrooms into rustic retreats. Whether inspired by cowboy themes, park lodges or camping adventures, all rustic-themed bathroom design ideas use the same basic color palettes: neutral browns, deep greens, rich cranberries, and matte blacks. While shoppers may need to purchase their themed décor items at specialty retailers, basic items such as bathroom rugs, towels, fixtures can be purchased at local mass merchandisers or home improvement stores.

While investing in rustic-themed items is a necessary component of the room’s design, since most rustic themes entail using elements of pine wood, black forged iron and deep brown metals, many of these basic-looking accessories can be purchased at home and hardware stores. This allows shoppers to subtly add elements, of their bathroom’s chosen design themes, one by one; until they are completely satisfied. One of the pitfalls, of designing a bathroom using darker colors, is its tendency to be more susceptible to fading. When cleaning your bathroom, be sure to keep all bleach and bleach-infused cleaners contained and avoid any splashing; as these can ruin deep brown, black and cranberry rugs.

To incorporate lodge, cowboy or camping bathroom design ideas into the room, be sure to select related art pieces and accessories. While it may be hard to locate a shower curtain with a tent on it, shoppers can easily find canoe, trout, picnic basket, lake or other camping-related themed items. If only able to find smaller accessory pieces and artwork; those will work fine. In fact, when combined with solid-color bathroom items in the same shade, no one will know you could not find towels with cowboy hats on them or rugs in the shape of a large moose. As long as the bathroom’s theme is satisfactory to your own tastes, nothing else matters.

Because there are so many rustic bathroom items on the market; prices can vary. When purchasing easily-breakable items such as shower curtain hooks, soap dishes and artwork, make sure an item is bought based on quality rather than cost. An inexpensive set of fish-themed shower curtain hooks may look fine in the package, but once out of the box and combined with the bathroom’s steam; glue can easily separate. Shop smart and you will have a well-designed bathroom that provides many hours of rustic-themed enjoyment.


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